The fisherman’s check list: hooks

carligA set of hooks in perfect shape can be the fisherman’s best friend, especially when that big catch finally happens. Using an inappropriate hook will not be in your advantage and the fish you were waiting for all day may just swim away with the bait. To avoid these situations always check that the hooks you take with you will help you catch something to brag about to your fellow rod masters.

Take a few minutes when preparing your fishing gear to check your hooks for these 3 qualities:

  • Avoid dull hook points. Make sure your hooks are as sharp as they can get. A dull point is a vulnerability that will give your catch greater escape odds. You should buy a hook sharpener if you don’t already have one.
  • Rusty hooks. Yes, all fishing hooks can be attacked by that fearless enemy we call rust. If you discover a rusty hook on your kit, make sure to throw it away and replace it with a new one. To avoid rusty hooks, try not to leave them wet when you are not fishing.
  • Old hooks. After a while, even the best hooks show signs of weakness. An old hook may brake just when the big fish you were waiting for bites. To avoid such situations that may ruin your fishing experience, it’s recommended that you change your hooks kit from times to times.

If you’re into new fishing techniques and you already own a bait boat, you may check to see if this gadget’s batteries are charged and ready to power the boat in its search to spot your catch.