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Easily fits in most rucksacks and carryalls for easy transportation making size no.

Fish Finder Wireless GPS with compass - TF640

Wireless GPS Position Accuracy(CEP):2.5m, Field test: 1m; RC Distance: 600m; Radio frequency: 2.4GHz. Sonar depth: 30m; Sonar frequency: 455kHz


Bait Boat - Fish Finder

Bait boat fish finder

Bait Boat is a remote controlled boat, the boat is available  in different size's, colours and packed with
manny features like : Echo sounders - this feature alow fisherman to see the exact depth and terrain under the boat.

Made from 4 mm impact resistant Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS for short) material the bait boat can be used in weather conditions that most baitboat owners
 wouldn’t even consider sending out their boat. It has a single propeller that is protected by a stainless steel guard which allows the Baitboat to travel through
areas of scum, wead etc. and with no external aerials the boat is able to travel under overhanging branches and bushes without becoming snagged up.
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